Raising Springer Spaniel Puppies

Springer Spaniel puppies grow up to be medium-sized dogs. They have either dark brown or dark hazel colored eyes that are oval in shape. Their nose is either black or liver, depending on the coat color of the dog. And their ears are long that fall near their cheeks. The dogs color is either a combination of black and white or liver and white, though the white color is more predominant.


These furry Springer Spaniel puppies are great to have as pets because of their cheerful and friendly nature. People find them energetic and playful so its fun having them around. And these dogs can get along with people effortlessly, thats why theyre popular not just among dog lovers. They are also known as gentle, obedient, good-natured and affectionate pets, which is why they make good companions of children. Since Spring Spaniel puppies are also intelligent fast learners, they are easy to train by their owners.

Actually, it is advisable for owners to provide these pets some structure or discipline so that they can understand and follow basic rules. Even if they are generally good pets, some negative issues can still come up if the owners do not give them some physical and also mental exercises everyday. It is important that they have a consistent rules that they follow so that they don’t become destructive. If they dont get enough exercise, they also have a tendency to bark when left alone.


In terms of breed, there are two known types of Springer Spaniel puppies. These are the show lines and the field lines. Breeders usually use the field types for hunting or field trial activities. These dogs have less hair as compared to the other type and they have more white areas. On the other hand, bench type or show lines have more hair and they are used for those conformation shows.

Despite some minor differences, both types are still similar in many ways. They both need daily exercise to remain healthy and enthusiastic. It is nice if their owners have an average-seized backyard where the dogs can walk and play. Although they can also stay in apartments as long as they still get enough exercise outside. Both types of Springer Spaniel puppies also love the water. This is why they always get muddy or wet after playing outside. They can also easily get along with other pets, although it is advisable not to get them close with birds since they are known as fowl hunters.


These dogs are quite easy to groom. Owners just need to regularly brush their hair to keep them untangled, since their hair is somehow curly. But a quick and simple brushing once a day is enough for maintenance. Owners should also give them baths when deemed necessary to keep them clean. Trimming should also be done on the side of the dogs ears to prevent ear infections. The hair around the feet area should also be trimmed from time to time so that foxtails will not be imbedded on their feet. 

English Springer Spaniels Their Care & Training

English Springer Spaniels are known for being for being gun dogs that are great with retrieving game. With a lifestyle of 10-14 years, these dogs are known to be affectionate and active. English Springer Spaniels are a medium size dog with moderately long coats. They are friendly, wagging their tails at the sight of a friendly face. This dog can be trained to be a show dog or an athletic dog. With their physique and capabilities, they can be both used for competitions and show.

Typical English Springer Spaniels are very easy to please and are very easy to teach. They are known for being obedient to their owners and trainers. They are an excellent dog and are considered to be more intelligent than other breeds. They are very good with children and can stand other non-canine pets. They are known to be gentle in the presence of strangers and can be raised indoors. However, if you leave them for too long, they might become bored or frustrated, causing them to seek your attention and gnaw on furniture and other objects.

Just like most dog breeds, they are prone to hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy. And with their floppy ears, they are more prone to ear infections. If you want to get English Springer Spaniels, you have to ensure that their ears and their coats are well protected from parasites and other infections. These things are usually very easy to treat with the help of your trusted veterinarian.

English Springer Spaniels are also an effective breed for sniffing dogs. Especially in public places where tight security is a must, they can be trained to smell explosives. Some English Springer Spaniels can be trained to sniff even devices. This makes them a practical choice for a loyal and protective pet. 

If you want a dog that can accompany you in your outdoor activities as well as a pet that you can snuggle with indoors, you can choose the English Springer Spaniel. Their breed embodies the saying that a dog can be a mans best friend. Whether you want them to be your companion in your outdoor adventures or your childrens companion, they can be both. With their gentle yet energetic personality, they are very much suitable for family homes. With their cute but strong built, it is obvious why they are a popular choice for a pet for many people. 

Easy English Springer Spaniel Training

Looking for ways to get your English Springer Spaniel to listen to you? Having a great English Springer Spaniel training program is not all that difficult to make, or to do. All you have to make sure is that you know for which type of English Springer Spaniel breed you are training, whether it may be the bench type of Springer Spaniel, or more commonly known as the dog show type of Springer Spaniel, or the more active type. Anything other than that pretty much makes English Springer Spaniel training fairly easy.

The most basic training methods to all dog breeds applied to the English Springer Spaniel as well. House training generally is one of the most basic training regimens for any dog, and is done pretty much the same way regardless of the breed of dog. Just bring your dog out, or to the spot where you would want to make him go when the call of Mother Nature comes, and make it stay there until business is done. Do this every single time you feed your dog, for a solid and consistent three to four weeks at most. After this training period, your dog would have already known where to actually do business.

If ever your dog does not go where it is supposed to go, always show the dog what it did, and firmly say no, with a calm, yet assertive tone. Continue doing so until your dog does not make the same mistake again.

Obedience training is next in the list for English Springer Spaniel training. This more or less is a category in the Springer Spaniel training which has to be more emphasized in the dog show types of Springer Spaniels, as they need more discipline and obedience to their owners, who might just put them in dog shows.

They have, along with the field type of Springer Spaniel, and even every breed of dog, to first feel who the alpha male or female is when getting them to submit to you. Once that is established, they must be taught the most basic rules of obedience and respect and etiquette. They have to be taught to sit, stand, stay, go, and to be able to understand what no means. This is as far as applying to both the dog show type and the field type of Springer Spaniel goes; for real English Springer Spaniel training begins.

With the dog show types, they must be taught to stay longer than usual, and must learn to be comfortable around other people, such as complete strangers, for judges and other audience members would get close to your Springer Spaniel, and it must be tame. It must also be able to show a couple of tricks, depending on what you would want to teach it.

When it comes to the running type, you must be able to teach it to fetch, to point, to retrieve, and to hunt out whatever it is you want hunted or sniffed out. With the field type of Springer Spaniel, you need to have a huge open space for it to be trained properly. Excellent English Springer Spaniel training begins with the owner knowing his or her own Springer Spaniels DNA, and what it was bred to do.

Springer Spaniel Rescue Advice

If you think about it, the existence of Springer Spaniel rescue has both good and bad sides. The good side of it means that there will always be people willing to help out rescue, rehabilitate, and find good homes for Springer Spaniels while the bad side of it points out that rescue centers and networks are there because there are still Springer Spaniels to be rescued, which further means that there are still occasions of neglect and abuse and they are not stopping. At the heart of it all, people part of rescue centers and networks are probably hoping that someday their services become obsolete. Because when that day comes, it’s going to mean that Springer Spaniels are no longer getting hurt and they all have loving families taking care of them.

Unfortunately, the day that Springer Spaniel rescue becomes obsolete is very, very, very far from the sights of people in rescue centers and networks. At the very least, there are still volunteers willing to lend their time and skills to rescue and care for Springer Spaniels. If you want to become part of the good work that these good men and women do, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the rescue network so you can find a rescue center near you. Don’t worry. You don’t need any skills to become a volunteer. Whatever you need in terms of caring for Springer Spaniels can be taught. Have the heart and you will be just fine.

If you want to help with Springer Spaniel rescue but can’t find the time to go to a rescue center, you can make monetary donations instead. Typically, rescue centers generally pool monetary donations and divide them up for various needs but you can also specifically make donations for certain cases, like sick Springer Spaniels. Not all owners can afford the high cost of veterinary care so a number of them also turn to rescue centers for help in funding procedures that will save the life of their beloved Springer Spaniel. You can make a difference then in the life of a dog owner and their Springer Spaniel by making a donation to a rescue center. You can also make donations in kind if you have items or products that rescue centers can use, like dog food, vitamins, and medical supplies. There are a lot of things you can do to help Springer Spaniel rescue centers. If you have neither the means to make a donation nor the time to volunteer, you can still help out by passing on information to other people as to how they can properly care not only for Springer Spaniels but dogs in general.

Springer Spaniel Information

Springer Spaniel Information

The Springer spaniel is a breed of gun dog usually being trained for flushing and retrieving games. They are good at hunting, tracking, retrieving, serving as watchdogs and performing tricks. They could be field or show type.

They are also usually being used as sniffer dogs. The name Springer stemmed from the hunting role in the old history of this breed of dog where it would spring into the air to catch birds.

The Springer spaniel is a medium-built breed of dog. They are gentle, friendly and very sociable. They make good companions for children. They are affectionate and good nature. They simply love everyone.   They need daily physical exercise and if this is not complied with by their owners they have the tendency to be frustrated and be destructive at once. Being sociable as they are, they seem to fear being left alone.  

They are sensitive to the tone of their owners voice and they tend not to listen if they feel they are more authoritative than their owner. However, they will also not respond if treated harshly.  Owners of Springer spaniel are advised to be calm yet authoritative.


Dogs are about 19-21 inches (48-56cm) in height while Bitches are around 18-20 inches (46-51cm). They could weight about 45-55 pounds (20-25kg.) for dogs and 40-50 pounds (18-23kg.) for bitches.

Coat Care

The coat of a field-type Springer can be easily maintained with regular brushing using a stiff bristle brush. Meanwhile, the show-type Springers coat needs baths and dry shampoo when necessary. Its ears should also be checked regularly for possible signs of infection. Longer coats have to be brushed often. Its hair on the feet also needs to be trimmed.

Family Life

Springers are friendly and eager to please. They are affectionate and easy-going; a classic family dog that gives good company to hunters and children alike.


They are friendly and good company for children. They are comfortable with average-size home as long as they get regular exercises. They are used to urban living at a town or a city. They are lively and active outdoor and not so much while they are indoors. They are relatively inactive indoors and will do best with at least an average-sized yard.


Owners sometime complain about some health problems of the Springer spaniels. They are prone to dysplasia, eyesight and blood disorders. They should not be overfed because they easily gain weight. Their life expectancy is bout twelve to fourteen years. 


They need regular, actually, lots of exercise to keep them happy. Long walks or jogs behind their owner are best exercise for them. Running and playing outdoors also keep them active. Their hobbies to retrieve and swim will also do good for their physical agility.


The English Springer spaniel is an upland flushing dog and they can be trained for different skills using hand signals, whistle and  a command form their breeder. During hunt tests for field springer spaniel, they should be able to deliver a bird to their hunter.  They can also be taught to play games like soft mouth. Meaning, they will bite without puncturing their teeth.  A springer is expected to have a good sense of smell. They could be taught to play scent game that is important for their hunter during the field trial. This is called scenting. The hunter can also train his springer the common way to sit and stay. This one is called hupping. As gun dogs, springers must also be responsive to hand signals. 

Training Springer Spaniels

Do you have an English Springer Spaniel? Are you having a difficult time with it? Maybe it is because you have not trained it well enough for it to listen to you yet. Training Springer Spaniels is not that difficult to do, if you know when the right time to train them would be, and if you know exactly how to train them. All it takes is a lot of time, and a lot of patience, and you will have already had what you have always wanted your English Springer Spaniel to have been doing.

Training Springer Spaniels in the more advanced stages of training depends on what type of English Springer Spaniel you own. For the basics, such as obedience training and potty training, however, the most common and general training for any breed of dog stays prevalent for the English Springer Spaniel.

When training your Springer Spaniel to be obedient to you, the owner, you have to do this when the dog is at about 3 or 4 months old. This is the best possible time to teach your dog the things that should and should not be done, and show it who the alpha male should be. Devote a couple of solid weeks in showing your dog the basic ropes, and you will have taught it the basics of being your pet.

Potty training Springer Spaniels is the same with any other breed of dog. Again, train them at around 3 to 4 months old. As puppies generally have a predictable call of Mother Nature to answer every time they drink or eat, always bring them to the spot where you want to have them do their business. Always bring them to the same spot every time they have to go, and do that consistently, without fail, for about three to four weeks. If they accidentally go where they should not, show them what they have done wrong while telling them in a calm, yet assertive voice, that it is not to be done again.

Advanced training of Springer Spaniels involves either the show dog type of Springer Spaniel, or the field gun dog retriever type. With the show dog type of Springer, you will not have to train them to fetch or point or sniff out as much as you would with the field type. Always have them calm, obedient, and comfortable with other people, and especially other dogs, since they might encounter them at dog shows.

With the field type, you would need to have treats readily available every time they successfully accomplish a new training technique you teach them, to be able to easily engrain in their nature whatever you taught them. Training Springer Spaniels is not as difficult as you would really think. 

Springer Spaniel Grooming Tips

A Springer Spaniel is a beautiful type of domesticated dog that aside from being a good pet, it is also an ideal show dog for any type of dog grooming competition that you may think of. The great stance of this breed makes it look great and poised, while its delicate fur and unique spots makes it look gentle and very adorable.

If you happen to have a Springer Spaniel as a pet, you need to make sure that you are taking care of your pet in the best way possible.  A springer spaniel grooming regimen is quite different from just about any other dog breed so proper care and the right set of tools to do the grooming should be observed.

Bathing the Springer Spaniel

Because of its thick fur which is very tender to the touch, the Springer Spaniel has a type of fur which can be very prone to dirt and attracts it by the ton. You will find that even after just a half day out with a Springer Spaniel, the fur can change color due to an accumulation of dirt in certain areas of its body.

To bathe a Springer Spaniel for springer spaniel grooming, you can take the dog into a tub or a shallow pool of water, making sure to gently rub the dog in the key crevices, such as under the tail and under the legs. Rinse gently and hold the tail when drying. You can use a blow dryer set at a low and cool to dry and comb the dogs fur until its dry to the touch.  

Springer Spaniel Grooming Method

The grooming method for a Springer Spaniel  by professional groomers is actually long and intense, requiring different tools for different parts of the body. However, using a bigger scissor or buzz cutter for bigger areas and using a smaller and a sharper scissor for more narrow areas will work best.

Use a bigger scissor when cutting the hair at the back of the dog, making sure that you are cutting in stages to keep the fur leveled and to avoid cutting too much of the fur. For the smaller scissor, make sure to use it gently on your pet and to make sure that you are cutting the fur instead of cutting through your pets skin.

There is a certain standard to a good springer spaniel grooming, but by the end of the day, making sure that your dog looks neat is the important thing to remember. A neat looking dog surely does look like a dog any owner can be proud of.  

About English Springer Spaniels

The English Springer Spaniel originated in England. It was in the mid 19th Century when it descended from the Norfolk and Shropshire spaniels. It eventually produced its own breed of spaniels when on January 1899, experts of Spaniel Club of England and the Sporting Spaniel Society experimented in combining two breeds of springer. They were able to produce a good combination of spaniel now referred to as the English Springer Spaniel. It was later on recognized by a dog association known as the English Kennel Club. From that point forward, a separate breed of Springer Spaniels continues until the present.

The English Springer Spaniel is usually a medium sized dog. It has a lot of feathers all over its body and mostly on the legs and tail. It has long wide ears and has oval shaped eyes. This is probably the best kind of breed ever produced because it has the physical skill from the ability of the field-bred dogs and it also has the good looks from the ability of the show-bred dogs. It has the combination of good looks and physical built. English Springer Spaniel puppies are also very friendly and good companion. It is ideal to people of all ages. They are very intelligent, playful and sensitive.

The term springer came from its ability to spring or flushes the birds during hunting. It is know to be a gun dog because of its fierce physical ability. The English Springer Spaniel can be a great companion at home and they can guard the house against any possible intruders. Their agility is very unique and they can even be good competitors in a dog contest. They are also used as sniffer dogs for special tasks like searching for explosives an arsenal weapons. Its ability to sniff specific chemicals made it a demandable spaniel all over the world. They can be trained easily and is a reliable source for searching volatile objects. In addition to that, English Springer Spaniels also has the ability to sniff blood in crime scene investigations and search for mobile phones held by inmates after a good training.

The life expectancy of an english springer is for 12 14 years. They can adapt easily in any circumstance may it be field work or house companion. They want to walk all the time and an owner should make sure he gives the springer spaniel dog a walk outside the house like what humans would do.

Effective Springer Spaniel Training

In Springer Spaniel training, the dog owner’s mental state is vital. These dogs are very intuitive and in touch with his masters emotional state. As such, the owner must ensure that he is calm and assertive. The owner must hold his head up high while standing tall to show the dog that he is in charge or the leader. He must ensure that that his hands have no tension, if your hand is calm and relaxed the dog will surely feel it. The owner of this breed must ensure that he is consistent in correcting his springers behavior. He must set boundaries and enforce them whenever his dog steps over them. Consistency in the dog owners reinforcement sends the message to his dog that the owner is the boss. The dog owner must make his springer work for treats.  The dog owner must always ask something of his springer before giving his dog a biscuit, chew or dinner. The dog owner may make the springer sit, lie down or stay. If the springer does what he is commanded to do, then treats will be the springers prize.

Springer Spaniel training must start early when the dog is still a puppy. One of the first things to teach the springer spaniel is house training them. Springer spaniel puppies normally are always eager to go to the loo right after eating, sleeping and playing. After these activities, you may take the dog outside so your dog can do his business. Once finished, you may play with them and say good boy (or girl).

The command Sit! is the one command that the dog owner must master first. This is essential during both gun dog training and in obedience training. Hold the treat in front of your dog, then say the command Sit!, while pushing the dogs bottom towards the ground. Then, as soon as the springer is in the sitting position you may give them the treat.

Lie Down! is the next item in Springer Spaniel training. Get your springer spaniel puppy in the sitting position while holding a treat in front of your dog. Hold the treat on the ground where the dogs nose would be when he lies down and push his shoulders gently and carefully to the ground while saying Lie Down! Once your puppy is already lying down, you may give them the treat.

Then the next command in Springer Spaniel training is the mastery of the Stay! command. First make your springer sit or lie down, at the same time show them the treat and say loudly the word Stay! to them. If the dog moved, bring them back again to the starting point again, then repeat the command Stay! When the dog stayed put for a brief moment, you may now give them the treat.

There are other commands that you may want to teach your dog, like walking, recall, leave and fetch.

As with all dog training, little and often is always best. Training can be 10 minutes, 4 to 6 times a day. As much as possible, try to make the Springer Spaniel training a fun, engaging and lively activity for both you and your Springer Spaniel. Your dog will definitely love you and you will get plenty of enjoyable moments with your dog.

About Springer Spaniels

What is a Springer Spaniel?

Springer Spaniels are a very adaptive and talented breed of dog.

It has a number of skills that one cannot find in any other kind of dog. It has the ability to flush, follow hand signals and detect explosives by sniffing. They are often used in different dog contests for ramp and even for competition involved in sporting. They are childrens best buddy because Springer Spaniel would always like to play with people. They are also outgoing and energetic. They are intelligent because they have the ability to learn few tricks easily. The people in authority even train Springer Spaniel to help them determining hazardous chemicals especially bombs. These dogs can also smell blood and other liquids depending on the training given to it.

The Springer Spaniel is categorized into 2:

  1. Show-bred dogs
  2. Field-bred dogs

The show-bred dogs are those that are used in fashion contests and all kinds of dog contest for entertainment purposes. These dogs are usually the center of the stage and are the reason for the applauses of the audience. The dogs in this category are not the ones trained and used in sporting competitions because their stamina is not as flexible as those categorized under the field-bred dogs.

Field-bred dogs, on the other hand, are those Springer Spaniels that are adaptive to different kinds of environment. The dogs under this category are used for hunting, running, and challenging tasks like sniffing to detect explosives. These are the dogs that are used for various tasks and do not easily get tired. Its physical stamina is stronger than those under the classification of show-bred dogs. Springer Spaniels under this classification are usually trained to enhance their abilities and make them more productive.

Passionate lovers of Springer Spaniel have given variety of good characteristics, to name a few:

  • Affectionate
  • Excited
  • Gentle
  • Friendly
  • Competitive
  • Eager to please
  • Quick to learn
  • Affectionate
  • Easy go lucky
  • Intelligent
  • Excellent
  • Fast
  • Responsive
  • Sniffing Dog
  • Scenting Dog
  • Flushing Dog
  • Smart
  • Highly trainable
  • Loving
  • Loyal

Springer Spaniel History

It was an English man who started describing a Springer Spaniels. He is an English Physician named Dr. John Caius through his book called Treatise of English Dogs in 1576. He is the first author to describe the Springer Spaniel and all other breeds of dog during his time. Later in time, the Springer Spaniels were divided into two namely the Hawking Spaniel and the Cocker Spaniel. The breeds were sooner renamed and during the 19th Century, the dogs under this same breed were labelled after the names of the countries where they originated or urbanized.

Out of the variety of breeds produced, the Norfolk and the Shropshire spaniels dominated the true Springer Spaniels kind of dog.

In 1899, there were deliberations on the name that will be used to the physical standard of Spaniel. The discussions of Spaniel Club of England and Sporting Spaniel Society led to the use of English Springer Spaniel as the officially recognized name declared by the English Kennel Club followed by the American Kennel Club. The name of the breed, English Springer Spaniel is most popular up to the present time.

Friendly and Flexible Dog

Springer Spaniels are medium sized dogs with a wagging tail. They have pendant, long, wide ears and has a lot of feathers in its legs. This kind of dog is usually tricolor: black, white and tan. It has markings in the body that segregates it to the rest of the class. It is approximately 18 to 20 inches and lives from 12 to 14 years.

Springer Spaniels are definitely one of the best breeds a pet lover should consider in buying a pet. It is especially friendly to everyone especially to the household where it lives. It is ideal especially to children because it is very lovable and cuddly. It is harmless to children.

It is a very good companion because it never leaves the home and always guards the house from unlawful intruder. It makes the owner secure in the premises of his own place.

It has a lot of skills usually unavailable to other breeds of dog. It is a good sniffer and adaptive to different situations. Its intelligence will allow it to adjust and adapt depending on the kind of training that will be given to it.

Springer Spaniels are very popular because of its unique trait. It can be a police mans best companion because once trained, it has the best ability to detect explosive and any bombs. It can also detect mobile phones especially from the inmates in a prison house. It is also a good crime investigator because it can smell blood stains and can easily locate specific chemicals.

Most countries are now using Springer Spaniels for investigations and indeed, these dogs rare helping the community.